Student residence

All international students, coming to study in Turkey, must register and obtain student residence in Turkey known as (Ikamet Tezkeresi) from the Immigration Department office in the city within 10 days of entering Turkey.

Student residence is granted to people who receive their education inside Turkey (such as international students wishing to complete university studies in Turkey).

Real estate residence

in Turkey 2023 is “a document granted to a foreign citizen who owns real estate in Turkey, with the condition that the property is residential real estate only, that is, it is used for the purpose of housing and living.” Also, one of the conditions for real estate residence in Turkey 2023 is that the citizen owns a share or percentage. In the dwelling or the entire dwelling.

Short term stay

It is a residence permit that is granted to some foreign citizens arriving in Turkey as follows:

Foreigners arriving for the purpose of carrying out licensed research or scientific studies.
Foreigners who own real estate in Turkey (real estate residence in Turkey, which is the subject of our article today).
Foreigners who own a commercial activity (or will undertake a commercial activity).
Foreigners who complete training courses or Turkish language courses.
International students within the process of student exchange between countries.
Foreigners coming to Türkiye for the purpose of tourism.
Foreigners coming to Turkey with the aim of obtaining medical services (medical tourism).

Turkish residency

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